Update from the Leading Together Championing Committee – Autumn 2009

Beginning in December 2008 with the launch of The Leading Together Toolkit: Putting Canada’s Action Plan on HIV/AIDS into Action, the Leading Together Championing Committee (LTCC) set the stage for an exciting six months ahead.  Early in 2009, the LTCC met to discuss future directions and agreed to focus on several major themes.  Two teleconferences have been conducted to keep committee members up to date on current activities and a meeting was held in Ottawa in late June to assess our progress.

One of the most important items on the LTCC agenda for 2009-2010 is the renewal of Leading Together: Canada Takes Action on HIV/AIDS (2005-2010).  LTCC members felt it appropriate to update the document to reflect the changing reality of HIV and AIDS in Canada.  To help identify potential areas for revision, the LTCC will engage stakeholders across Canada through discussion at various fora, including conferences, workshops, and annual general meetings.

During a presentation to national HIV and AIDS stakeholders early this year, the LTCC sought their support regarding the use of Leading Together in their work.  Stakeholders were asked to start branding activities within their organizations by linking their response to needs outlined in Leading Together.

Engagement with national HIV and AIDS organizations has also lead to another exciting development–the Canadian AIDS Society has elected to use Leading Together as the theme for its 6th Canadian HIV/AIDS Skills Building Symposium. The LTCC is represented by two members on the advisory body for the conference.  Participants at this event will examine community responses based on needs identified in Leading Together, as well as offer input relating to the renewal process.

The LTCC’s ad hoc working groups have also been active.  The Communications Working Group is preparing to update and revamp the Leading Together website to a more interactive, visual, user-friendly format that will engage stakeholders to share information.  A Leading Together logo has been developed to assist the LTCC’s national partners across Canada with the branding exercise.  Outreach activities and stakeholder learning opportunities are also being planned.

The LTCC has been participating in the Public Health Agency of Canada review of advisory and coordinating mechanisms and has received updates on the progress of the review to date and anticipated involvement of members in the consultation.  The next update will include the results of the review.

In conclusion, we are pleased to announce that three new members have joined the LTCC. Jacqueline Gahagan, Professor, Health Promotion, Dalhousie University, provides a link to the Ministerial Advisory Council on the Federal Initiative to Address HIV/AIDS in Canada and brings perspective from Canada’s East Coast.  Randy Jackson, a PhD student and well-known Aboriginal HIV/AIDS community-based researcher, provides the LTCC with the benefit of his many years of experience working at various levels in the HIV and AIDS movement.

Denise Lambert works with the Kimamow Atoskanow Foundation, strengthening the role of Aboriginal peoples in research and policy.


For more information, contact Tanya Lary by telephone, at 954-8639 or by e-mail, at tanya_lary@phac-aspc.gc.ca.