"For there to be any hope of success in the fight against HIV/AIDS, the world must join together in a great global alliance."

Kofi Annan, Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDS, UNGASS, June 2001

In June 2001, the United Nations challenged all countries around the world to work together to fight HIV. Canada is one of over 100 countries who adopted the UNGASS Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDS. As part of that commitment, we promised to strengthen our HIV programs at home and to contribute to worldwide efforts to combat HIV.

Leading Together is a key step in fulfilling that promise. It describes a bold vision of where we want to be as a nation in the fight against HIV for the next five years. It sets out a hopeful, comprehensive approach to HIV, one that focuses on the underlying health and social issues that put people at risk of HIV and other health problems. It challenges all those in Canada involved in HIV to work together to develop a more effective, coordinated response that will stop the virus and save lives.

Leading together, we can make the third decade of HIV/AIDS the last decade.